What is Speak out about Sendai ?

「Speak out about Sendai」We are looking for members to participate in the creation of a Sendai City guidebook.

Organisers: City of Sendai and K. K. Sonobe

Speak out about Sendai is a project in which Japanese and foreign citizens of Sendai City write about their recommended spots and attractions. This project was held to create a guidebook for people visiting Sendai for the first time.

Sendai is becoming increasingly well-known domestically and abroad due to hosting the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in March 2015 and programs in Miyagi in cooperation with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In addition to Japanese, there are also foreign citizens of Sendai who are living here for various reasons such as work or study.

This project saw Japanese and foreigners work together and think about their favourite spots and attractions in Sendai. While deepening their understanding of each other’s cultures and customs, their ideas were collected into a single Sendai guidebook.

How this booklet was made

Speak out about Sendai organized a series of monthly workshops starting in May 2014, gathering Sendai citizens to share their ideas on the appeal of Sendai. The workshop participants visited their recommended spots, took photos, and wrote articles. This booklet is a guide to Sendai, introducing its charm from its citizens’ point of view.

Creation Process

April 2014
Information session
May-August 2014
(4 times in total)
Stage 1: Brainstorming workshop
Foreign and Japanese citizens discussed Sendai’s appeal.
September-December 2014
(4 times in total)
Stage 2: Editing workshop
Participants learned the basics of publishing to produce and edit a booklet.
January 2015
Workshop to select the walking route
March 2015
Walking the route